“Project Dorothy” (Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror Feature Film) (2019)

“Useless Humans” (Sci-Fi/Action/Comedy Feature Film) (2019)

“Adopted” (Drama/Psychological Thriller/Horror Feature Film) (2019)

“Intermission” (Drama/Psychological Thriller TV Series) (2019)

“America Inc.” (TV Pilot) (2019)

Breaking Hate” (MSNBC Docuseries) (2018-2019)

Black Lightning” (CW TV Series)  (Composer of Additional Music/Assistant/Musician) (2017-2018)

“Being Mary Jane MOW” (BET Movie) (Composer of Additional Music/Assistant/Musician) (2018)

“Slated” (TV Web Series) (2018-2019)

White Wolves” (Drama/Romance)(2018-2019)

Apart from Us” (Psychological Thriller/Horror)(2018) U.K.

Tubby Hook” (Drama) (2018)

RAGE” (Drama/Action/Martial Arts) (Sound Editor/Sound Design/Composer) (2018)

The Wedding Scene” (Comedy)(2018)

Always a Thorn” (Drama)(2018)

In Contempt”  (BET TV Series) (Assistant to Composer/Music Programmer) (2017)

The Quad” (BET TV Series) (Assistant to Composer/Musician) (2017)

Being Mary Jane” (BET TV Series) (Assistant to Composer/Musician) (2017)

Stitchers” (Freeform TV Series) (Assistant to Composer/Musician) (2017)

Frontier” (Psychological Thriller/Suspense) (2017)

Sinner” (Drama) (2017)

“Particles” (Sci-Fi/Thriller) (2017)

“Golazo” (Inspirational/Action) (2017)

“The Fairy’s Game” (Children’s Fantasy) (Trailer) (2017)

“Michael” (Futuristic Drama) (2017)

“Tidetec Hydropower” (Swedish Informative Video) (2016)

“Urgency” (Drama) (2016)

“Glow Man” (Futuristic Action) (2016)

“Frontier” (Psychological Thriller/Suspense) (TBD)

“Herman Miller Slack & Company” (Informative Corporate Video) (2016)

“Excuse Me Please, I Don’t Speak the Language” (Foreign Comedy) (2016)

“Unrest” (Psychological Thriller) (2016)

“Look Up” (Sci-Fi) (2016)

“Rent a Kid” (Award-winning 48 hr Film Fest Comedy) (2016)

“Remain” (Post-Apocalyptical Drama) (2016)

“The Awful Thing” (Post-Apocalyptical Thriller) (2016)

“Desire” (Dance Art) (2016)

“Reclaimed Table” (Informational Ad) (2016)

“Eerie Anecdotes: Party at Jill’s Episode 1” (Award-winning Best Production San Francisco INT’L Film Fest (Horror) (2016)

“Exit PSA 2” (Emmy Nominated Anti-Racism PSA) (2016)

“Exit PSA” (Anti-Racism PSA) (2016)

“Life of Guy: Guy Uses the Bathroom” (Comedy) (2016)

“Life of Guy: Guy Checks Mail” (Comedy) (2016)

“Life of Guy: Guy Microwaves Dinner” (Comedy) (2016)

“32 Miles” (Art) (2016)

Under an American Sky (Art) (2016)