Matthew James

Born to a working class religious family in Chicago, IL, his initial introduction to music was through the massive sounds of church hymns and classical music. The pipe organ, the choirs, and orchestral instruments- the perfect harmonious balance of delicate simplicity and “larger than life” epic passages that still resonate with him today. Yearning to take part in the magical transcendent power that music creates, it wasn’t long before a simple Christmas gift at age 7 started him on the musical journey that would define his very existence.

Quickly obtaining fluency in 7 instruments while performing in school bands and rock bands alike, it was obvious Matthew stood apart from his peers. Fascinated with all aspects of music, he developed into a full-fledged multi-instrumentalist, band leader, audio engineer, producer, songwriter, and composer. Over the last decade, this path ultimately lead to assembling a top-notch studio and honing his composition and audio production craft professionally.

In 2014, his life-long love for film music finally came to fruition- composing the score to an award-winning short film, his very first of many to come. It was the marriage of audio and visuals, the images and sounds in his head creating an aural landscape of emotion, that took creativity to a higher level that he strives to perfect daily. Along with his signature style ranging from the powerful, epic scores that only an action hero can bolster, to the romantic intimacy of solo piano pieces, Matthew prides himself on his strict attention to detail and communication skills necessary to create the right score for the film. Always putting the story first, it’s his ability to work quickly, intensely, and relentlessly as a team player that takes the vision of the filmmaker and ushers it into a piece of art that will envelop the audience.

Matthew is presently composing from his home studio in Hollywood, CA for multiple filmmakers as well as breaking into the video game music circuit. In addition to this, Matthew has taken on the role of assistant to the composer for Kurt Farquhar (Black Lightning (CW), King of Queens, Being Mary Jane, Stitchers) at Rene Van Verseveld’s Future Sounds Studios in Hollywood.